“I was not sure how the Circle would be, but when I saw the ads on Facebook and posters on Instagram, I felt like let’s explore it. I have participated in many other workshops and they were very nicely curated. All artworks initially look complicated, but at the end with TCC it becomes easy! The Circle is not just a membership, but a family of like minded people.”

Ms. Anita Sampath, Mumbai

“For me art is therapeutic. After joining the Circle Community, I explored my artistic skills. I have never heard of any other platform that gives such immense opportunities to the artists. I am happy to be a part of the Circle.”

Ms. Geeta Parikh, Mumbai

“The Circle is doing a very good job of bringing artists together. We are introduced to many different forms of art. The community has been helpful in bringing so many like-minded people together on one platform. People here are very encouraging and motivate you to take up workshops, participate and learn new things.”

Ms. Shanthi Kanodia, Bangalore

“People had joined from all over the country. It was not a typical classroom session, but a comfortable place where people could interact, share and learn from each other. The Circle makes art approachable to every person. With whatever colours at hand, one can add life to any creation.”

Ms. Deepa, Trivandrum

“The Circle not only made me an artist, but even made my family and kids fall in love with art. So everytime I learn something new, my kids are ready to do the same thing.

Ms. Shikha Garg, Banglore