Our Team

Artists spend hours gazing at the sky, scratching their heads, for a perfect art form. People gather around, throw appreciation, hit like, and then swoosh! Everything is back to normal. The artist pours his heart on the canvas and gets just ‘exposure’ in return!

Generates business for artist, creates opportunities and helps networking. TCC stands and grows on the foundation laid by these three values. 


The faces behind the Circle Community are not normal people, but passionate curators. Driven by the sheer inspiration of levelling up the game art, a team of more than dozen curators work tirelessly for a seamless live art experience!

Founder & CEO

Kartik Gaggar

“Experiences bring you closer to life, art experiences bring you closer to yourself!”

Art always fascinated Kartik. He believes that it is not just about creating art, but learning, and sharing those moments with like-minded people.

His persistent effort of having a art community that learns together, shares art and explores art together gave birth to The Circle Community!

Nimisha Sinha

Operations Manager

The Team Builder – Nimisha is the glue that holds the entire team together. A dynamic, team-spirited and performance-driven professional, having rich experience in Operations and Marketing.

Rimjhim Chaufla

Head, Creative Operations

Rimjhim, along with her team led to the formation of this huge community of 2000+ artists! From artist management to team counselling, Rimjhim has been the core of The Circle Community