The Spring Of A Unique Ecosystem

The Initiative

What happens when you put two artists together in one room? Do they come up with masterpieces? Or just spend time like most introverts do?

At TCC, we did an experiment – we brought together more than 2000 artists and the result you ask – it is right on your screen!

It all started with a sudden urge in Kartik’s (CEO, Rajasthan Studio) mind to bring like-minded people together and create something productive. He set out on a literal adventure of meeting passionate artists. People who had left their artistic skills to pursue a job, Kartik brought 50 of such artists together and he put forward this idea of forming a community of passionate and dedicated artists. In the cafe’s of Jaipur, there was a sudden rise in artist meet & greet.


The Circle Community wants to achieve 3 major things through this community 

  • Make art accessible to all.
  • Create a network of artists pan India.
  • Offer learning opportunities via casual art experiences.

The Circle Community is an invite-only community of artists that promotes profound artsy conversations, meaningful learning of various artforms and unparalleled art experiences. The Circle’s inherent culture connects like-minded artists with an objective of promoting the importance of artistic interactions that are stress-relieving, therapeutic, and self-introspective.