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The Circle Community is a representation of aspiring and active artists from all over India. Artists from all walks of life- masters in their field of art come together with the goal of co-creating and adopting knowledge of both old and new & upcoming artforms. It is a platform that allows growth and acknowledgement of artists and their ideas at all levels. Through the exclusive Invite-only system we ensure that a member’s passion & interest towards art helps us in building a better and efficient community as an example for upcoming artists.

Members only Perks

  • One personalised session with an artist of their choice per month .(+2 member invites of their choice)
  • Feature on Rajasthan Studio’s website and other social media platforms.
  • Certificate of recognition and appreciation.
  • Performance based Letter of Recommendation.
  • Access to unlimited Zoom meetings and access to workshops.
  • Personalised art supplies.
  • TCC merchandise, art kit & other goodies.

Members on boarding process

  • Step 1: Fill in your details and apply for membership here
  • Step 2: A representative from TCC will review your application
  • Step 3: Don’t forget to add your instagram link or any relevant link to your artwork
  • Step 4: Our team goes through your art profile
  • Step 5: If your application fits our requirements, our representative will give you call
  • Step 6: Once you onboard, get ready to enjoy the exclusive benefits of TCC membership

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