After several discourses, one-on-one conversations and performances, we decided to break free for a while and unleash our Rock-A-Baby looks with a virtual rock band concert.

After our interactive session with Devika Sisodia, we invited and welcomed a batch of 4, namely the Band V4. The four young members of the band are a group of teenagers who do great things: Shruthi who is just 12, handles the piano and the bass; Ronak is 13 who takes care of the drums; Murali; 16 is the oldest amongst the batch who is the lead guitarist; and Daira, 14 who plays the violin and takes care of the vocals. We, the concert audience, were bang on ready with our Kala Chashma to savour on the performances.

With their first virtual concert, they set the zoom call on fire with an opening instrumental performance starting from 00:50. Then, they performed a mix of Bollywood and Hollywood covers. The discography is mentioned below: 

  • Oh Humdum Suniyo Re at 8:38.
  • Gulaabi Aankhein begins at 12:20.
  • Raabta instrumental played from 16:18.
  • Shape Of You made us groove 21:54 onwards.
  • The English rendition of Despacito was done from 23:31.
  • At 27:00, Memories took us down the old road.
  • 32:13 onwards, Urvasi was sung with an outstanding chorus at 36:34.
  • Ilahi was performed 41:55 onwards.
  • As a concluding instrumental, Vande Mataram started from 51:55.

As applauded by a participant as a talented young batch, we could do nothing but second him. Daira revealed that their practice tends to extend to more than 10 hours a day. With many glimpses of the concert vibes across the video, their continuous, masterly eye-contacts that were made throughout the concert to ensure smoothness and a comment box loaded with appreciations, we ended the concert on a happy and relieving note. 

This is us, at Rajasthan Studio taking off!

Until then, stay creative, always!

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